Blvd. Sofia Vicoveanca 68, Suceava, Romania

Sun Garden

We love summer because we can spend our days outdoors and we never miss an opportunity to enjoy the days when the sun embraces us with its warmth. Therefore, join us in our Sun Garden and enjoy the beauty of the flowers and the flavor of the culinary journeys.

Every culinary creation crafted by our Mosaik Restaurant is more tasteful when savored in the Sun Garden. The coffee has a stronger aroma, the meals enrich their taste, and the conversations with friends are prolonged, being sprinkled with good vibes.

As our guest, whether you want to dine or relax while reading a book outdoors, the garden awaits you, ready to fill your soul with the most vivid shades of green and the most colorful flowers.
Take a relaxing dip in Morrison Hotel’s glass-enclosed swimming pool, the perfect antidote to a busy day in the city
Escape from the crowded and noisy city in the Sun Garden and fuel your soul with positive energy taken from this oasis of relaxation and natural beauty.